GLAY announces collaboration with ENHYPEN and JAY for 62nd single!


GLAY is set to release its 62nd single “whodunit / share” on May 29th to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its debut.


It has been announced that “whodunit” which will be included in the single, is a collaboration with JAY, a member of ENHYPEN
ENHYPEN is a hotly popular K-pop boys group that has achieved the fastest solo Tokyo Dome concert since their debut in 2023, and their latest album became the first double million-seller.

The story behind the offer is that TAKURO, the leader of GLAY, was looking for a collaborator who could produce a song suitable for the opening of a new career for GLAY, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and who could also provide great inspiration to the band, when he heard about JAY from a concerned person. Knowing his voice and his passion for rock music, they felt that they could create an interesting chemistry and approached him.

TERU and TAKURO went to Korea to record vocals for the song with JAY.

Also, at TAKURO’s request, JAY himself wrote the lyrics for the parts he sings.

The artwork for “whodunit-GLAY x JAY(ENHYPEN)-” has also been released. We can’t wait to hear the whole song from now on.



This time “whodunit- GLAY x JAY(ENHYPEN)-” is the best rock tune that GLAY will deliver to you on the 30th anniversary of their debut.

We are honored to collaborate with JAY(ENHYPEN) on this project.

The battle between the two talented vocalists, TERU and JAY, and the arrangement by HISASHI is newer than ever, and the groovy bass by JIRO, who brought new energy to GLAY with the single “THE GHOST” in 2023, and the lyrics by me and JAY (ENHYPEN) are also co-written. Please enjoy all of the songs.





It is a great honor and a dream come true for me to participate in this memorable work of GLAY through collaboration. We filmed and recorded together, and I also participated in writing the lyrics. It was truly a special memory! I sang the song as hard as I could so that it would resonate with many people, and I hope you will listen to it.

GLAY 62nd Single「whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)-/share」

on sale May 24