Culture, Future, Adventure

At the first gig, there were only three people in the audience. Now, we are filling stadiums.
An anime born in this country has sparked a movement on the other side of the Earth. It was the encounter with that music and that film that shaped who I am today.
Inspirations unleashed into the world can transcend time, cross borders, and change destinies.

This is our mission.
We have the power to change the world, and a person’s life. So today, we set forth once again into limitless possibilities and adventures.

Division Introduction

Animation Division

We are actively involved in overseas development, marketing, and promotion of our animations and voice-over singers. Additionally, we plan, produce, and sell animation merchandise.


Music Division

We are developing a comprehensive music business that encompasses planning, production, and distribution of music and videos for our artists. Additionally, we handle the booking of concerts, festivals, and events, as well as the planning and execution of marketing and promotions. Furthermore, we offer overseas strategy planning and consulting services for artists. Our operations also include planning, producing, broadcasting, and selling our archival works.



We are actively involved in consumer sales of merchandise items for music, video, and animation releases by PONY CANYON. Operating under the name "PONYCANYON SHOP," we deliver products from Japan to customers worldwide.