International Smash Hit Mobile Game “Girls’Frontline“ NTW-20 Aristocrat Experience is Coming Soon as a 1/6 Scale Figure!

From the international smash hit mobile game “Girls’Frontline“ comes a 1/6 scale figure version of the fan-favorite character “NTW-20 Aristocrat Experience”, available soon from the PONYCANYON SHOP. Preorders will open Tuesday 11/22 (Japan Time) for all countries simultaneously.

Based on the “Aristocrat Experience Service” themed skin, this figure comes to life in her aproned dress drawn right from the original illustration. Based on a garage kit by sculptor Rico, this piece has been completely made over for this release, from the mold to the finest details. Created in larger than average 1/6 scale form, the figure highlights the folds in the voluminous skirt of her clothing, the firearm component of the figure, and everything in between for you to enjoy every gorgeous detail up close. Her armament has been cast from CAD data to create a precise, realistic reproduction of its real-world original. She even comes with her serving cart, complete with tea set.

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【Product Information】
Series Name: Girls’Frontline
Item Name: NTW-20 Aristocrat Experience 1/6 Complete Figure
Specifications: Pre-Painted Completed Figure
Size: Figure: Approximately 240 mm; Rifle: Approximately 280 mm (1/6 scale; base included)
Price: ¥30,580 (tax included)
Order Period: 11 AM on Tuesday 11/22, 2022 through 11:59 PM on Wednesday 1/11, 2023 (Japan Time)
Planned Release Date: September 2023
Made in China

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© SUNBORN Japan Co., Ltd.

※Due to a number of factors, the release date and details of this product may be subject to change, delay, or cancellation at any time.

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It is PONY CANYON’s online shop that carries various merchandise like media and books related to anime, music, and movies.