Otacolors is NEW OPEN!!

Otaku’s treasure product specialty store《Otacolors》is NEW OPEN on July 1!!

Merchandise available here and nowhere else in the whole world!!
Exclusive! A treasure chest of your favorites, waiting here for you.
AS YOU DREAM IT – Where you can find your OTAKU hopes and dreams. The stuff otaku’s dreams are made of!

The first products are “Attack on Titan”, “Tokyo Revengers”, “DEEMO Memorial Keys”, “Fairy Ranmaru”, “Cutie Honey”, and “Devilman” T-shirts, and the key animation art for “Attack on Titan”, which was released in Japan and received favorable reviews. The first complete English translation of the key animation art for “Attack on Titan,” which was released in Japan and was very well received by the Japanese market! Also, LED and Neon Sign from “TOKYO MEW MEW NEW” are now available! Blu-ray & DVD from Pony Canyon USA are also on sale, so please enjoy your shopping!

To celebrate the opening of “Otacolors,” a POP-UP SHOP is currently being held at “AX2022” in LA! Please visit us there as well.

Web Shop “Otacolors” is here. https://otacolors.com/