The official PONYCANYON USA website has just been renewed!

PONYCANYON USA’s official website has been just renewed in order to deliver more and faster entertainment information from Japan.

In addition to the latest information on popular anime series, we will also be the first to bring you the latest news on PONY CANYON’s popular voice actors and artists such as Maaya Uchida, Akari Kito, Hiro Shimono, and BAND-MAID.

In addition, the website has been enhanced with a shopping function that allows our customers to shop not only for PONYCANYON USA products but also for products shipped directly from Japan through a one-stop shopping service in conjunction with PONY CANYON’s cross-border e-commerce website, PONY CANYON SHOP.

Both PONYCANYON USA and PONY CANYON offer a wide range of products, and new products are scheduled to be released soon. So, we invite you to visit our websites.

Further information will be announced on PONY CANYON SNS accounts. Please follow the accounts below!