BTS will release the analog version of the album “WAKE UP” on December 25 as a Christmas present for the 10th anniversary of their debut in Japan, and a listening party on June 20!

  • 06.20.2024
  • New Release

BTS has now transcended the K-pop genre and become a big international artist. Their Japanese debut album “WAKE UP,” released on December 24, 2014, will be released in analog format on December 25 in a 2 LP set and color vinyl (clear).

This album includes “NO MORE DREAM-Japanese Ver.”, “BOY IN LUV-Japanese Ver.”, “Danger-Japanese Ver.”, original Japanese songs, different versions of Japanese songs, and many other songs are only available on this album.  The album will be available in clear color (transparent vinyl), which is also expected to be a hot topic.

In celebration of the analog release, a “WAKE UP” Listening Party on YouTube 2024 is scheduled to be held on June 20 at 20:00 (Japan time) on the BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel, so please be sure to listen to the newly reborn analog version of “WAKE UP. WAKE UP” on YouTube 2024 (Japan time), so please listen to it.

The analog version of “FOR YOU” will be released on June 19, and the music video for “FOR YOU” has been viewed nearly 100 million times on YouTube. It will be a year to keep an eye on BTS as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut in Japan.


【 ‘WAKE UP’ Listening Party on YouTube 2024】

From 20:00 on Thursday, June 20, 2024 (Japan Time) / 7:00AM EDT

Premiering on the BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel



※The members of BTS will not be appearing as part of this initiative.


【Product Information】

12-inch analogue record


Release date: Wednesday, December 25, 2024

Serial no.: PCJA 00153

Format: Clear Color Vinyl(Transparent discs)

Price: 6,600 JPY(Incl. tax)

Link to purchase:





JUMP~Japanese Ver.~

Danger~Japanese Ver.~

BOY IN LUV~Japanese Ver.~

JUST ONE DAY~Japanese Ver. Extended~


Iine! Pt. 2 ~Ano Basho De~

NO MORE DREAM~Japanese Ver.~

Shingeki no Boudan ~Japanese Ver.~

N.O~Japanese Ver.~




【On sale now】

12-inch vinyl record


Release date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Serial no.: PCJA 00136

Format: Color vinyl format – Pure virgin (Original color, transparent):

Price: 2,750 JPY (Incl. tax)

Link to purchase:




  1. FOR YOU


  1. Let Me Know (Japanese Ver.)


【Streaming Links】

‘WAKE UP’ Streaming URL:

‘FOR YOU’ Streaming URL:

【YouTube Videos】

・’Danger -Japanese Ver.-‘ Official MV


・’FOR YOU’ Official MV

・BTS OFFICIAL Japanese YouTube Channe


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