BAND-MAID performs with “Bestie” co-writer Mike for the first time at the Japan concert of the global megaband Incubus!

  • 05.09.2024
  • Band-Maid
  • Live/Event
The world-famous girl band BAND-MAID performed at INCUBUS’ Tokyo Garden Theater on May 1 as special guests and performed their new song “Bestie” for the first time. After the performance, the music video for “Bestie” was released.

The new song “Bestie” was co-written with Mike Einziger (Gt) of the American alternative band Incubus, which has sold over 23 million albums worldwide. It was announced in advance that the song co-written with Mike would be performed live for the first time on the same day as Incubus, but to the surprise of the audience, Mike joined BAND-MAID on stage. The audience was very excited to see them.

At 24:00 on the same day, the music video of “Bestie” was released on BAND-MAID’s official channel, which has been viewed more than 200 million times. Since the song was co-written with Mike, this was the first music video in which he was dressed in an outfit other than a maid’s uniform. The soft off-white outfit was produced by SAIKI (Vo.) and matches the image of the song. The gap between the usual maid’s uniform and the music video was a fresh change.


As soon as the video was distributed, it became a trending topic on X and became a hot topic. The archive is now available for viewing, and official tickets for the BAND-MAID Hall Tour and other events are being sold in advance by lottery, so check the official website for details on how to purchase tickets.


BAND-MAID continues to perform with world-class artists, including a special performance with Mexico’s popular three-sister band The Warning, so keep an eye out for them!


BAND-MAID「Bestie」Music Video




Music: Michael Einziger /BAND-MAID








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