BAND-MAID announces a special live performance with the very popular Mexican band The Warning!

  • 05.13.2024
  • Band-Maid
  • Live/Event

BAND-MAID, the world’s most popular girl band, has announced a special performance with The Warning, a very popular Mexican band of three sisters.

The Warning is a hard rock band that has attracted hard rock fans immediately after the release of their “Mayday EP” in 2021, and has garnered attention from around the world with over 86 million views on YouTube. The members of the band were originally fans of BAND-MAID, and when they performed on the same day at the “Aftershock Festival” in 2022, they met BAND-MAID backstage, which led to a dream collaboration with BAND-MAID.


As this will be The Warning’s first show in Japan, the special performance with BAND-MAID is expected to be a hard-fought battle for tickets.


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