Formed on September 27, 2015. A 9-member evolutionary mixture unit produced by Stardust Promotion. Commonly known as “Supadora”.

The mix-style song combines rap, dance, and human beatboxing by the members, the rapidly changing formation dance of the nine members, and the catchy choreography that makes you want to dance along.

It is also characterized by its ever-changing style, in which the nine members are sometimes divided into two teams. They each have their own original songs, “Fire Dragon” by the four older members and “Thunder Dragon” by the five younger members, and have also successfully held solo live tours across the country.

In November 2016, she made her long-awaited CD debut with her 1st single “Pendulum Beat!” (the opening theme song for the TV Tokyo anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V”). About two months after their debut, they released a full-length album “1st Impact” containing 16 original songs, and their momentum accelerated.
The following 2nd single “Wacha-gacha!” and 3rd single “Monster!” achieved long sales, staying in the top 10 of the Oricon weekly chart for two consecutive weeks.
Their 4th single “SWEET DEVIL” was used as the theme song for the MBS/TBS drama “Kakugo wa Iika Sono Joshi.” starring Taishi Nakagawa.

The 2020 spring nationwide Zepp tour, which attracted approximately 13,000 people and was supposed to accelerate the momentum with a successful one-man live at Tozai Noon, has been canceled due to the new coronavirus, but the world of STAY HOME In the midst of this, he continues to communicate with fans online. They were among the first in the entertainment world to stream LIVE online, and while their unique visual expressions, such as those set in an abandoned factory, have been well-received, the group released their self-titled song “SUPER★DRAGON” with determination to move towards their 5th anniversary. announcement.

In April 2021, they will hold an audience live performance “NEO CYBER CITY” for the first time in 495 days, and have a touching reunion with BLUE (as they are called by their fans).

The one-man live “SIX DAY” held from September to December 2021 was a live show full of originality, with different branching stories linked to the voice drama distributed in advance for each performance.

In March 2022, they will release their 4th album “Force to Forth”, which the members themselves were involved in producing. It also includes a collaborative song with Anatomy Rabbit, the first overseas artist and popular duo that has been played over 200 million times in Thailand, creating an important album for the group, and the tour “SUPER DRAGON LIVE TOUR 2022 – Tickets for “F2F-” were sold out on the same day, making the live performance a success.

In 2022, he took on a variety of musical challenges and achieved eight consecutive months of digital releases, greatly expanding the range of his music and performances.

For the 5th album “mirror” released on March 1, 2023, he was involved in all song production, including song production and lyrics.
Then, on March 25th, the solo performance SUPER★DRAGON SPECIAL LIVE “Persona” was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Hall, which was one of the group’s goals and had the largest capacity ever.
This was the first time in three years that they were allowed to sing out loud, and the band put on a passionate live show with the individual members’ rich skills and musicality, as well as the group strength of the nine members.

In addition, he completed the LIVE TOUR 2023 “∞ ~ INFINITY ~” that was held from May and toured 5 cities nationwide.

Major debut from Pony Canyon with “New Rise” on March 6, 2024 (Wednesday) at “SUPER★DRAGON 9th Anniversary Special Event “999”” held at Toyosu PIT on Friday, December 22, 2023 Decided to do it!

This is a memorable work in which SUPER★DRAGON, which continues to evolve, enters a phase where it reaches even greater heights.
Released in a total of 10 formats, including a regular edition and a limited edition of 9 types for each member!

Don’t miss out on the success of SUPER★DRAGON, who is determined to become a “spa dryer” in 2024.

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