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Higuchi ai

Born in 1989. Singer-songwriter.
Born in Kagawa, raised in Nagano, and moved to Tokyo for college.
She started learning classical piano when she was 2 years old, and later experienced violin, chorus, voice, drums, guitar, etc., and was exposed to various kinds of music.
Started performing mainly as a keyboard player at the age of 18.

In 2016, she made her major debut with her 1st ALBUM “One Hundred and Sixty Degrees”.
Their performance ability and essential musicality, which they have cultivated over the years, have been highly acclaimed both inside and outside the industry, and they have performed at major festivals such as “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL” and “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL”.

In January 2022, She was selected to write “Akuma no Ko” for the ending Theme of the TV anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 2.

The piano and straight alto voice approach with overwhelming persuasiveness as if singing. The passionate emotions that flow from the small body united with the piano sometimes portray gentle beauty, sometimes heart-stirring frustration, and sometimes light amid loss.
The lyrical world written from a unique perspective dramatically sublimates daily life’s ordinary scenes like a short story.

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Ai Higuchi

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