Happy Heads NANIYORI

Started on August 29, 2016.

On April 4, 2018, they made their major debut from Pony Canyon with “Tai catch”.

In the summer of the same year, they performed at many large festivals and circuit events such as “ROCK IN JAPAN FES,” “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL,” “MONSTER baSH,” “Kishidan Expo,” and “Inazuma Rock Fest,” causing admission restrictions in many places and creating a buzz. anime anime tie-in “Hinomaru Sumo” ED “Hi izuru basyo” was released in October.

In January 2019, they released their first full-length album, “Happy Heads NANIYORI 1” and held their first nationwide solo tour. In addition, they have performed at large festivals such as “METROCK”, “Million Rock”, “Oga Fes”, “ROCK IN JAPAN FES”, “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL”, “PIA Fes”, and “Mag Rock”. A nationwide 2-man tour has been underway since October, with all shows sold out.

In April 2020, they will release their second full-length album and hold the largest national tour in their history (the tour was canceled). 3 consecutive months of live distribution of their music have been held since June, and in December, they distributed a cover of Tsubo Inorio’s legendary lost song “Kinta no Daiboken (Kinta’s Great Adventure)”.

In January 2021, they delivered and released the song “Osi Doko Memorial,” officially approved by the Japan Roller Dance Association, and held a solo live performance at Zepp Tokyo & Zepp OsakaBayside. Since then, they have continued to perform energetically with one-man and two-man tours.

In 2022, they released their first cover album, “Happy Heads Cover Yokocho”. In addition, they released their third full-length album and held a nationwide one-man tour.

From 2023, they will launch a one-man series titled “Daijusai,” and are beginning to create a “new form of live house” in various locations.

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Happy Heads NANIYORI


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Happy Heads NANIYORI

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Happy Heads NANIYORI

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Happy Heads NANIYORI