Furui Riho

A singer-songwriter from Hokkaido, Japan, who writes lyrics, composes music, and sometimes arranges songs, with her roots in the gospel choir she has been involved in since childhood. She is popular for her humorous, realistic lyrics and detailed grooves.


She has been active as a solo artist since her college days, and her first single “Rebirth” released in 2019 led to her current activities. 2022 will see the release of her first album “Green Light”, the culmination of her activities since “Rebirth”, and the release of her first album as an artist, “Green Light”. It impressed the audience with her potential as an artist and her ability to produce her own music.


Her 1st album “Green Light” won the 15th CD Shop Award 2023 Hokkaido block prize, and was selected for Amazon Music’s “Breakthrough Japan”, Apple Music’s “Up Next”, and Spotify’s “RADAR: Early Noise 2023” in 2023. In 2023, he was selected for Spotify’s “RADAR: Early Noise 2023,” and his singles “Pink Hair,” “Super Star,” and “LOA” have been playlisted one after another.


She also works as a composer and producer, providing songs for artists such as ao.

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Love One Another

Furui Riho


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LOA (シングル)

Furui Riho


Furui Riho


Furui Riho

Pink Hair

Furui Riho