An unhealthy pop band with a somewhat shadowy yet refreshing songwriting and band ensemble that has gained a reputation regardless of occupation, gender, or age. In 2006, Wataru Sawabe started his own solo project, Kachuka Sounds, and released his first album “S.O.S.” in 2010. In 2010, he launched his own label, Kachuka Sounds, and released his first album, “S.O.S.” He has released four albums on Kachuka Sounds and moved to Kakubalism in 2014 with the 12′ single “Sirius”. The following album, “CALL” (2016), received great acclaim throughout the country. Then, in October 2017, he released his first major album “20/20”. His writing sense has also led him to be involved in the provision of many songs and the production of theatrical accompaniment. In recent years, he provided “Odoritai (I want to dance)” (2017) for Takashi Fujii’s album “light showers. Father more, He was in charge of the ending song and play accompaniment for “Yamada Takayuki’s Cannes Film Festival” (2017) and provided the insert song for the movie “PARKS Parks” (2017), in which he himself also appeared in the movie. In 2018, he participated in the music for the movie “Love is after the Rain” (2018). As a multi-instrumentalist, he has participated in recordings by Spitz and Keiichi Suzuki, a wonderful singer-songwriter and band that is attracting attention for its versatility and genre-less talent.




Kitai to Yokan



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