A singer-songwriter from Japan.
Sincere came to love music through lip-synching in the car to Prince and Arrested Development during her childhood. Using her pure and delicate voice, she incorporates elements of R&B/ Soul into her musical style.
Starting her project just last year, her songs have already been selected in several well-known Spotify playlists as well as she herself for the cover of “Soul Music Japan.”

Her 5th single “I’ll be”, released in October 2022, was selected for NACK5’s MONTHLY POWER PLAY by listeners’ votes and was later also selected as the ending theme for “Abema Prime” in December.
Her 6th single released in December, ”Like no one’s done”, was selected in several playlists including amazon music’s “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN” where new and hot artists are introduced, making that her second song in a row in the playlist following “I’ll be”.
In January 2023, after Sincere’s 7th single “Sixteen, Fifteen (feat. oceanfromtheblue)” with Korean R&B/Soul singer oceanfromtheblue was released, she was selected for the cover of Spotify’s playlist “Groovin’ R&B”.
Not only does she attract attention within the music scene in Japan, but also from scenes overseas.




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