Rin Mizusima

■Mizushima Rin Profile

In January 2021, Mizushima made her acting debut in TV Tokyo’s “Nao is a Third Grader”. In the first half of 2022, she appeared as a guest in NHK’s TV series “Chimu-dondon”, and on September 6, 2022, she will start performing in “Cinderella Story”, a musical in which she was chosen to play the leading role for the first time. She made her major debut as a Digital Single on the same day, September 6.

Date of birth: November 18, 1999

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan 

Blood Type: B

Height: 162cm

Hobbies: Looking at Japanese architecture, collecting cosmetics, games, anime 

Qualifications: English Proficiency Test Level 2



Namida Kakurenbo

Rin Mizusima


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