Fujikoz is a current college student who appears on “All Night Fuji,” the revival of Fuji Television’s legendary live broadcast program “All Night Fuji” after a 40-year hiatus.

Akimoto Yasushi is the general producer. The program’s MC team includes Nobuyuki Sakuma, Tetsuya Morita (Saraba Seishun no Hikari), Shunsuke Ito (Oswald), Minami Minegishi, Anna Murashige, and also Mizuki Sato (Fuji Television announcer) who is facilitating the show.

A total of 15 members were chosen for their CD debut: 9 from the 15 first-term students selected through the program’s “Selection Battle,” and 6 new second-term students who joined the group in October.

Their debut song, “way Tokyo,” was written by Yasushi Akimoto and composed and arranged by aokado, and is a number that is perfect for the year-end party season.

The dance is performed by CRE8BOY, a popular choreographer, and the costumes are designed by Osare Company, a company that produces a variety of costumes.

The music video, reminiscent of the bubble era, is also a must-see!

The coupling song “Memories Thief” is sung by six first-term students who were regrettably not chosen as members for the CD debut.



Way Tokyo