Dance vocal group “2×FE” (Yomi: 2FE) was formed by Rui / Ayumu / Hikari / Rio / Syogo, who have individually worked in various genres as a choreographer, pianist, guitarist, beauty YouTuber, and rapper.

The group was born to follow the trend of transmitting music from Japan, a country far to the east, to the rest of the world.

Its ability to combine high-level musicianship and artistry at a high level has astonished and captivated industry professionals who have been exposed to numerous legendary artists.

They already have a certain community of fans, including professional choreographers and pianists with world-class skills, but now they are coming together to bring their talents to the forefront.

While they cherish the beauty of their own country, their focus as members of Asia is not limited to the borders of their own country. The choreography, costumes, and makeup are all self-produced by the members themselves, and in October 2023, they will appear on the TBS/MBS national network “Prevato! Their major debut came in October 2023 with the release of “Pentatonic Vibe,” which was chosen as the ending theme for the October-November 2023 season of TBS/MBS’s nationwide network “Prevato! The music video featuring their high-speed dance performance was viewed 1.29 million times on YouTube.

The second single “Don’t Let Me Down” was released in February 2024.



Don't Let Me Down



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